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Paolo Coppa – Curriculum Vitae


Born: Biella on 27/09/1964, Graduated Building Surveyor at the Technical Institute Rubens Vaglio, Biella.
Since 1984 he has been the owner of the family construction company Edil-co Snc, working in the family business gaining experience in the construction industry both in residential and industrial construction.
Edil-Co has built over 180 units comprising condominium apartments, detached houses, semi detached and numerous commercial/industrial buildings. In 2008 he founded the Coppa Construction Ltd., a company solely dedicated to passive or low-energy design, creating the registered trademark CASAUNICA® describing a passive construction standard for turn-key projects which meet Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt’s criteria.
In 2009 Coppa Construction Ltd exhibited in “Ecolife – an interactive exhibition for a sustainable future” with a stand for his brand promotion and organized conferences in “Structure and the building envelope” and “Technologies for passive houses.”
Coppa Construction built 2009 in Biella the first exhibition Passive House building, with measuring laboratorywith a view to objective evaluation of the energy performance and consumption. With a view to incorporating his verified structural components and other elements to be adopted into his registered trademarks CASAUNICA® and UNI-KO®.
With collaboration with various industries domestically and abroad enabled Coppa Construction to process design methods that have lead to UNI-KO® building system for Structural elements for passive houses.
In 2010 he initiated educational visits to the Biella exhibition house unit. This initiative is reserved for students, postgraduate technical and faculty interested entitled to research and technological innovation courses considered by the CASAUNICA® project. That same year Coppa Construction participated in the IV National Meeting held in Rovigo and Passive Houses organized by TBZ (Technisches Bauphysik Zentrum Bolzano). Coppa Construction Ltd. as CASAUNICA® presented a project that was described and honoured for its achievements and its adherance to the PHPP Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt as outstanding. Other initiatives were presented – “From design to certification.” Late as 2010 he was the guest speaker at the Lingotto Exhibition centre in Turin at the event “Restructura, building the natural environment” and the “Energy certification conference: an opportunity for designers.” In the same year he participated as a designer and energy management to the BAN Housing Contest, sponsored by the City of Milan, along with a group professionals; he proposed two multi-storey construction solutions to each housing 75 apartments over 12 storeys using CASAUNICA® och the unproven building system UNI-KO® for passive house standards and construction. Coppa Construction Ltd won with both buildings as Passive house awards.
2010 Coppa Construction was awarded “Legambiente” best practices award for “The friendly innovation” in the category Sustainable Living with Assimpredil-Reeds Milan.
In 2011 Coppa Construction Ltd Participated again at “The Ecolife Fair Expo 2011”, in which CASAUNICA® was awarded – Passive House – Zero consumption.
In 2012 we were present at EIRE held in Fieramilano with an exhibition stand and was the guest speaker “Using CLIVET (my NB – Ventilation company in Italy) to CASAUNICA® standards”.
2012 regsitered the building system UNI-KO®, which used in horizontal and vertical elements unique benefits lighter floors for earthquake-resistant passive buildings. An ICF model which can be adapted in a multitude of ways to any architectural design with passive house qualities. All buildings constructed in the UNI-KO® method are continually monitored for energy efficiency.
2012 participated in “Casasumisura (Padova)” with an exhibition space titled “CASACLIMA”.
In 2014 Copa Construction participated at the Fiera di Parma “Building Future”, presenting 2 brand names at Passive House Conference. That same year we achieved certification of the first building built with the Uni-ko® system, awarded by PHI Passive House Italy, that credits his building system UNI-KO® and its components suitable for passive houses.
Currently CASAUNICA® standards and UNI-KO® building system is also adopted in the building restoration and commercial buildings NZEB.
Buildings constructed in this method – in addition to several homes – includes the first commercial office building in Italy built in Cerrione with ongoing certification.
The construction standard CASAUNICA® & UNI-KO® building system have been used on a thesis on the topic of passive and energy-saving houses. The same system also describes the advantages in some specific technical publications. For several years the Coppa Construction Ltd collaborates with professionals in the field of energy conservation using energy software and manage with the precise task of creating energy dynamic simulations and verifying each and every project to be certified as a passive building at any location.
Paolo Coppa is still active in Edil Co Snc today.


Paolo Coppa
Coppa Construction Ltd.
Biella 8th March 2016.